Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Naptime Sign

I don't know about anyone else but, I have a definite fear of someone knocking on my front door or ringing the doorbell while my lil man is napping. This is an extremely important part of my day. My personal freedom to do what I want and it can all be sucked down the tubes with one knock on the door (it sets our dog into hysterics). So, I recently acquired a very awesome gadget called a Silhouette SD. It can do so many things that I was overwhelmed and didn't know quite where to start. I happened to come across a cute little sign about naptime. Inspiration hit and I knew exactly what I wanted my first vinyl project would be. Here is my first project.
I didn't spend a dime on this project. I already had all the materials and since it was the first project and I was super afraid of screwing it up in some way I used unlikely materials. Mostly, you see these signs on a piece of wood that's been painted. I got a little more creative (or cheap whichever you prefer).

piece of cardboard. This was actually a flap off of a diaper box.
Black construction paper
Vinyl Lettering
Mod Podge-the greatest stuff ever!

All I did was apply my vinyl to the construction paper. Then, cut the construction paper to fit the cardboard. Coated the cardboard with mod podge and applied the construction paper. Then, I coated the top with 2 coats of mod podge. I used a Philips head screwdriver to punch holes in it and then added the ribbon hanger. And there you have a cheap Naptime warning sign. I am going to add a sign to the back of it about removing your shoes upon entering. That way I make use of both sides.

The real kicker of this project is this is the second day that I've hung the sign at naptime and someone had the nerve to ring my doorbell! My husband of course told me that he knew this would happen and found it to be quite funny. I wasn't amused due to the fact that I was dead asleep because I worked until 3am. Plus it of course woke up my son and then naptime was over. I wanted to cry.
Moral of the story: Please call before showing up on someone's doorstep or at least read their signs.

Happy Crafting