Monday, July 25, 2011

Shopping Results

Lil Man and I went shopping today!

*The prices and coupons for Meijer and County Market can be found on the previous post.

I spent a total of $50.47 at Meijer and saved $40.70 For that I bought:
12 Old Orchard Concentrate Juices
4 dozen eggs
3 packages of Chi Chi Tortillas
3 Peter Pan Peanut Butters
3 pints of blueberries
2 packages of Bar S hot dogs
5 Pillsbury Grands Biscuits
5 large cans Hunt's Spaghetti Sauce
2 lbs organic carrots
2 cans Dole Tropical Fruit Salad
3 packages of Knorr Rice Sides
2 bags of Pretzels
6 cans of Healthy Choice Soups
and a Partridge in a Pear Tree!!

I spent $23.31 at County Market and Saved: $25.05
4 boxes of Cheerios
1 Cantaloupe
12 Prairie Farms Yogurts
32 rolls Scott TP
8 rolls Scott Paper Towels

I spent $19.06 at Aldis and bought;
2 packages Hot Dog Buns  $0.79 per pack
Celery $0.99
Strawberries $0.99lb
3 pack of sweet Peppers for $1.49 (they were $1 per pepper at Meijer)
2 packages Turkey Bacon $2.29 per pack
Saltines $0.89
Vanilla Wafers $1.39
Cheese Crackers $1.49
2 bags Potato Chips $1.39 per bag

The fridge, freezer, and pantry are overflowing. I couldn't fit everything in the pantry! This is a great problem to have. I won't have to buy anything except for milk until late next month or even later!

On the way home there was a porch swing sitting in a lot for sale. I took a chance and called and we will be picking it up tonite. It was a fantastic bargain for $20! Can't wait to post pics!

I'd love to hear how your shopping trips go this week. Feel free to link up!


Sunday, July 24, 2011

Grocery Finds Week of: July 24th

*These prices are for the Urbana, IL area

I am very excited about my grocery shopping trip tomorrow! Here's my list:

County Market:
Cantaloupe $1.79
Bananas (usually on Mondays they are $0.39/lb)
Cheerios B1G1 Free + I have (2) $1 off 2 boxes MC
Prairie Farms Yogurt $0.29 + I have (4) B2G1 Free MCs from This makes yogurt $0.19 per cup!!
Scott Paper Towels 8 count $4.99
Scott Toilet Paper          I have a MC for $2 off both products

Meijer: I LOVE Meijer's 10/$10 Sale! They give the 11th item FREE!
Large Eggs $0.99/dozen
Old Orchard Juices 10/$10 + (3) $1 off of 4 = $0.66 per juice!
Pretzels 10/$10
Knorr Rice Sides 10/$10
Hunts Pasta Sauce 10/$10
Healthy Choice Soups 10/$10 + (3) $1 off 2 = $0.50 per can!
Dole Tropical Fruit 10/$10 + $0.50 off 2 = $0.75 per can!
Peter Pan Peanut Butter 3/$5 + (3) $0.50MC = $1.08 per jar!
Bar S Hot Dogs 10/$10 + $2MC = 2 FREE packs of Hot Dogs!!
Carrots 10/$10

Strawberries $0.99/lb
Snack Crackers
Canola Oil

I really like She has a searchable database of all the coupons available everywhere and they are in alphabetical order. It save me soooo much time!! That is where I got most of these coupons today!