Wednesday, February 23, 2011

County Market

County Market in Urbana is having weekly specials that are really good!!

Monday: Bananas $0.39/lb with a limit of 4lbs
Tuesday: Chicken leg quarters $0.49/lb
Wednesday: County Market brand Gallons of milk $1.99

These deals are not marked on the shelf at all. The price will be changed at the register. I don't know if all the County Markets are doing this. I just know that this store is. Also, another thing that I like at County Market besides the Penny Pincher Coupons is that for every 9 gallons of milk you purchase, you get the 10th one for FREE. I don't know about anyone else but, we are really big milk drinkers around here and we love this!


So, not only is Facebook good for connecting with friends it's a good place to find deals. Today I "liked" Redbox and got a free movie rental for tomorrow. I also signed up for their e-mail list so, they will e-mail other offers in the future. My hubby will be swinging by Redbox on his way home tomorrow and after little man goes to bed it's time for popcorn and snuggling on the couch while watching a free movie.

Other movie options:
1. Check out your local library for movies. Our library is small and doesn't have the greatest selection but, they do get some new movies and we get to check them out for 2 days for free. So, at least it's not a total loss if we end up not liking the movie.

2. Swap movies among friends and family. Your own free movie "store."  We also do this with books.

3. We don't use netflix but, I hear that a lot of people like it. We use Redbox and Family Video if we rent. Family Video has free kids movies and their selection is much bigger than the library's. Their rates are reasonable too.

If you have any other ideas please feel free to share them.


I have learned that most restaurants have websites where you can sign up for coupons and special deals. I signed up at some of our fav places to eat. We really like Monical's pizza but, it's a little out of our price range. I mean it's great but, it's still just pizza. Anyway, today I got a coupon for a one topping 14-inch pizza for $7. You could get 2. This is a GREAT deal! Their take home pizzas are $9.50 so this is a steal. I decided to take the night off of cooking and we ordered pizza. So, the moral of the story is: sign up to be on the e-mail lists and get good stuff for free or little money.

This week's shopping

This was a TERRIBLE week for deals! There was only one coupon insert in the paper too which was a bummer. On Monday, my husband and I got to spend the day together. He broke his glasses and we had to get into the eye doctor. So, he went shopping with me. It wasn't too exciting. We went to Aldis and Walgreens.

1. Tampons $5.99- $1 (MC)- $2RR= $2.99 oop    $5RR back
2. Head and Shoulders 2/$12- $2 (MC)- $5RR= $5oop       $5RR back for my next trip
So, I am ready for some good deals next week!

Friday, February 18, 2011

Walgreens Deals

If you sign up at you can receive a weekly sneak peak of the next ad. It comes out every Friday. I thought I would show you what I will probably be getting and compare the cost vs. just buying and strategic shopping. I will number each transaction in the order I would purchase them:

1. Head and Shoulders 2/$12- (2)$1.00MC (manufacturer coupon) - $2RR (register rewards) from previous visit = $8.00oop (out of pocket)      Get $5RR back

2. RepHresh Brilliant PH Tampons 18ct $5.99- $5RR = $0.99oop        get $5RR back

3. Ziploc 2/$5 limit 4 -$2 MC- $5RR= $3.00oop for 4 boxes!

4. RepHresh Brilliant PH Tampons 18ct. $5.99oop     get $5RR back

5. Hyponex Potting Soil 8lb bags $0.99 x 3 bags= $2.97 + American Seed Packets 5/$1 + Goody Ouchless Hair Elastics 27pack $2.99 - $5RR = $1.96oop    get $2RR back from hair elastics

6. RepHresh Brilliant PH Tampons 18ct $5.99- $2RR= $3.99oop       get $5RR back

7. Kleenex 110count 3 boxes for 2.67- $0.50MC= $2.17 + Pringles 2/$3- $1.00MC= 2/$2 + Dr.Pepper $0.99=   $5.19 total - $5RR = $0.16oop

Total Out of Pocket: $24.09 + tax
Without Coupons, Register Rewards, and multiple transactions: $53.59 + tax

I will get 2 bottles of Head and Shoulders, 3 boxes of tampons, 4 boxes of Ziploc, 3 bags potting soil, 5 packages of seeds, 27 hair elastics, 3 boxes of Kleenex, 2 cans Pringles super stack, (1) 2-liter of Dr. Pepper! This is AWESOME!!!!!!!

Please share your deals and tips!

Happy Shopping!

Thursday, February 17, 2011

This Weeks Deals

Here's the report for my weekly adventure:

Garden Pasta 10/$10. I had 2 coupons for $1 off 1. So I got 2 boxes for FREE!
Sweet and Sour Sauce 25% off     $1.34
Chicken Broth $0.55 x2
Total Spent $2.48  Would have spent: $6.23

County Market
Canned fruit $0.77 from $1.39
Bananas $0.39/lb  (This is a new weekly special on Mondays in Urbana)
Total Spent: $4.11 Would have spent: $6.84

I did 3 transactions:

1. Olay Body Wash 3/$10 and then $3RR back. I had 3 coupons for Olay Body Wash: when you buy 1 get a free deodorant or moisturizer for FREE. I bought 3 + 2 deodorants ($0.99 a piece) + 1 moisturizer ($8.99)

Out of pocket: $14.82  Would have spent: $27.77

2. Reach Toothbrush $2.99 then $2RR back
   Campbells Tomato Soup 2/$1 + Coupon for $0.40 off of 4 = $0.40 per can
   I used my $3 RR

Out of Pocket: $1.87  Would have Spent: $11.03

3. Colgate Wisps buy 1 at $2.49 get a free toothbrush. I had a coupon for $0.75 off of the wisps
    Free toothbrush
    I used my $2 RR

Out of Pocket: $0.96 Would have spent: $5.70

My total trip cost: $17.65  Would have spent: $44.50!

Colgate Toothpaste $3.79 and get $3.79 ECB back. (It was hard to find a store that wasn't sold out!)
I got lucky and the toothpaste also came with a free toothbrush.

Out of pocket: $4.12 Would have spent: $4.52

2. Aussie or Herbal Essences 2/$5.97. I had a coupon for $1 off of 2 products
   I used my $3.79ECB + I had $1 ECB from my last trip

Out of Pocket: $0.70  Would have spent: $10.50

Total out of pocket: $4.82  Would have spent: $15.02

Second trip to County Market: (they were out of some of the sale items last time)
County Market tomato sauce $0.64 x5  (I add my own seasonings to use this for pizza and spaghetti. It is cheaper than buying premade sauce)
Gorton Fish Sticks 2/$7 + (2) coupons for $0.50 off
Apples (2) 3lb bags for $5. That's $0.83/lb
County Market brand Milk $1.99/gallon (This is every Wednesday at the Urbana County Market)

Total spent: $21.39  would have spent: $28.41

Gain 80 count dryer sheets $3.12- $3.00 off coupon= $0.12!! (I rip my dryer sheets in half or thirds) I will get at least 160 loads out of these!

Tuesday, February 8, 2011

My Shopping Deals

Before strategic shopping I shopped at Aldi and Wal-Mart. It wasn't too complicated. Now that I've been learning how to shop like a pro it is definitely something I have to plan. I meticulously study the ads and coupons and then compare them to my price book. I'm not going to lie it takes time. Then, I map out my route of all the stores for the most efficient way to accomplish my mission in the least amount of time. My lil man runs out of patience after a couple of stores. To get ready I set out our clothes the night before, pack the diaper bag, a snack bag, and place my coupon folder by the back door. Grocery day is also crock pot day. After spending the day shopping and then putting everything away I don't want to cook at all. This way I can make a nice meal without a lot of effort. Breakfast is also easy. I found a great idea at I highly recommend this site! I made homemade hot pockets. Store hot pockets are the biggest rip off in my book. On sale they are 2/$6 and you only get 4 sandwiches! You can either use store bought pizza dough or homemade. Then, you fill it with whatever you want and bake it. You can either eat it right away or freeze them for a fast meal. My breakfast ones were filled with scrambled eggs, bacon, and cheese. They were awesome and extremely fast and filling! These will be great on the morning we go to the Temple. No more going through Mc Donald's drive thru for breakfast! So, after loading up we headed to the stores. Here are some of the deals I took advantage of this week.

Rural King: for the pet owner. Our dog Mollie isn't too spoiled but I couldn't pass up this deal. Pedigree Dentastix (24 count) on sale for $2.99 from $3.99. As luck would have it I had (2) $2 off coupons.
Final price with tax:  $2.50 for 2. Cost without coupons: $6.50

Honey (32oz) $3.99 from $7.99. I bought 3.
Geisha canned fruit (15oz) $0.79 from $3.60. I bought 3
Eggs $0.99 dozen. I bought 2. Eggs freeze.
Halls Cough Drops (30ct) $0.99 - $0.55 coupon = $0.44
Gain dishwashing detergent: 5/$5 - (2) $0.25 coupons= $3.50 or $0.70 per bottle
Snicker's peanut butter bars $0.49 + (2) bogo free coupons. I bought 4 for $0.98
Hershey's Drops 2/$5 + $2.00 Walgreens Coupon +$2.00 Manufacturer Coupon = $1.00 for 2
Total $24.51   Cost without coupons: $56.04      I also got $1.00 Register Reward for my next purchase

County Market:
Betty Crocker Cake Mixes 10/$10. I bought 5. I love lemon cake!
Farmland sausage links: $1.99- $1 coupon = $0.99
Farmland sausage roll:  $1.99 - $0.55 coupon= $1.44
Grands Biscuits: 10/$10. There was an in ad coupon for a free dozen large eggs when you purchase 5 biscuits. I had 2 coupons for $0.75 off of 3. I bought 6 for $4.50 and got the dozen eggs. Biscuits ended up being $0.75 per tube!!!
I bought a couple other things too. Friday is the start of the 48 hour sale. I will he heading back for $0.99 peanut butter and 2 welch's grape jelly's for $0.98 total with in ad coupon. Also 4lb of oranges for $1.88
Total today: $17.60 Cost without coupons: $32.43

Meijer: I am starting to become a Meijer girl!
Red Seedless Grapes: $0.99/lb
Split Chicken breast: $0.99/lb = $3.90
Razors $5.99 from $7.99 + $3.00 coupon off of 2. $8.98 ( I could have done better here).
I bought some other items as well and spent: $33.21 Cost without coupons: $42.63

We also met Daddy for lunch at Burger King. It's a nice treat to see him and eat out on occasion. I of course used a coupon and paid $6.76 for 2 Whoppers, 1 fry, 1 drink, and 1 buck burger for lil man. We also found out that on the weekends kids eat free at Steak n Shake. Also, kids eat free EVERY day in Savoy.

Hope you find some great deals!