Friday, June 15, 2012

Jell-o Fruit Snacks

My son is an absolute fruit snack fanatic. I think he would live on them if I would let him! I'm a really big make from scratch kind of girl. I like to know what's in our food. So, when I came across this on pinterest I thought it would be fun to do with the lil guy and it was!
I got the recipe from here. There's also a juice version but, I had Jell-o to spare.
Here's what they look like all ready to eat!

Setting up in the mold. Before I removed them I brushed a little cornstarch on the backs with a brush. It really helps them not stick together.

I just used a 3 oz box of mixed berry jell-o
2 envelopes of Knox gelatin (unflavored)
1/3 cup water
Put it all in a saucepan over med heat until all the jello dissolves. Poured it into the mold and popped it into the fridge. They were ready in about 30 minutes. I bought the candy mold at Hobby Lobby with a 40% off coupon. This recipe fits this mold perfectly and makes 64 fruit snacks. They are really soft and I store them in an air tight container in my fridge. They don't have a long shelf life but we have no problem with that around here!
Tip: Immediately fill your saucepan with hot water after pouring the jello into the molds. If you don't it will stick pretty good to your pan.

I like this because it's fast, easy, and inexpensive. I bought the jell-o on sale + used a coupon= super cheap jello. They are also fun to make and lil man likes taking them out of the mold and popping them into his mouth!

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