Friday, February 18, 2011

Walgreens Deals

If you sign up at you can receive a weekly sneak peak of the next ad. It comes out every Friday. I thought I would show you what I will probably be getting and compare the cost vs. just buying and strategic shopping. I will number each transaction in the order I would purchase them:

1. Head and Shoulders 2/$12- (2)$1.00MC (manufacturer coupon) - $2RR (register rewards) from previous visit = $8.00oop (out of pocket)      Get $5RR back

2. RepHresh Brilliant PH Tampons 18ct $5.99- $5RR = $0.99oop        get $5RR back

3. Ziploc 2/$5 limit 4 -$2 MC- $5RR= $3.00oop for 4 boxes!

4. RepHresh Brilliant PH Tampons 18ct. $5.99oop     get $5RR back

5. Hyponex Potting Soil 8lb bags $0.99 x 3 bags= $2.97 + American Seed Packets 5/$1 + Goody Ouchless Hair Elastics 27pack $2.99 - $5RR = $1.96oop    get $2RR back from hair elastics

6. RepHresh Brilliant PH Tampons 18ct $5.99- $2RR= $3.99oop       get $5RR back

7. Kleenex 110count 3 boxes for 2.67- $0.50MC= $2.17 + Pringles 2/$3- $1.00MC= 2/$2 + Dr.Pepper $0.99=   $5.19 total - $5RR = $0.16oop

Total Out of Pocket: $24.09 + tax
Without Coupons, Register Rewards, and multiple transactions: $53.59 + tax

I will get 2 bottles of Head and Shoulders, 3 boxes of tampons, 4 boxes of Ziploc, 3 bags potting soil, 5 packages of seeds, 27 hair elastics, 3 boxes of Kleenex, 2 cans Pringles super stack, (1) 2-liter of Dr. Pepper! This is AWESOME!!!!!!!

Please share your deals and tips!

Happy Shopping!

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