Friday, March 11, 2011


I wasn't too impressed with the IGA ad for this next week. I am not brand loyal so, if I can't get it cheaper than Aldi I don't buy it. IGA is having their Spring coupon event. I tried gettings some manufacturer coupons to go along with the store coupons. If you don't know how to do that just type what you want into google.

For example, Kelloggs Cereal Store coupon is 2/$3. Right now if you sign up at you can get about $5 in free coupons. I got a $1MC off of 2 which makes the cereal 2/$2 or $1 a box. You really can't beat that price!

Malt O Meal Cereal $1.99-$0.75MC from the malt o meal website= $1.24

Westpac frozen Veggies 4/$3 or $0.75 per bag. This is great if you are buying frozen green beans. At Aldis the other frozen veggies run about $0.69.

Jenny-O Turkey Breast from the deli $2.79 for the first lb. This is a good price for deli meat. A better option is to buy whole meat when it's at it's lowest price. Then, slice your own meat for sandwiches. By doing the work yourself you save a ton of money! Convenience foods cost more because they are well...convenient.

Most if not all brands have websites where you can sign up for promotions and coupons. It's really worth looking into. If you are worried about flooding your e-mail account with junk set up a seperate e-mail account for all of your advertisements, updates, promotion offers, etc.

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