Monday, March 22, 2010

A Little Introduction

Hello from the Midwest. My name is, Tabitha. I am currently an almost full-time stay at home mom of one busy toddler. I'm still a fairly inexperienced blogger. So, please have patience with me as I learn. This blog is the product of the many notebooks floating around my desk full of great, helpful websites, blogs, recipes, and tips that I have been using to become a more creative, frugal homemaker. I wanted to put everything in one easy to access place. Every mom wants to make her life a little less hectic, right? Most of this blog will apply to everyone. There will be a few links for the locals. The name of this blog is a product of my husband. When I was pregnant he learned the word nesting. Now, every time I start a project or anything in general he says, "Oh no you're nesting again." So, to my husband, "Yes, I'm nesting again and I'm sharing." Feel free to share any ideas or tips that you have learned so we can learn from one another, live life a little more simply, and enjoy the things that truly matter. I hope you visit often.


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