Thursday, September 23, 2010

Money Saving Tip: Momma Style

You spend a fortune on the necessities for your infant/toddler so you want to use it to the last drop. You know what I mean. Even a "large" tube of store brand Desitin is over $2. Just like toothpaste diaper cream is a pain in the "butt" (Ha Ha) to use it up. You get to the end of the tube and almost break your fingers trying to get the last drop! I fight with the tube while wrestling my toddler. I swear I've become the fastest diaper changer in the world! So, I found an ingenius solution to this problem:

I'm sure everyone will recognize this simple, fabulous little contraption. It's the tube squeezer for toothpaste! Guess what? It fits on your diaper cream tube too!! I discovered it this week. The Story: Ok, I am like the last person on the planet who didn't have one of these toothpaste squeezer thing a ma bobs. I found one at the Dollar Tree while shopping and bought it for our toothpaste. My diaper cream is getting low and I had one of those light bulb moments, "Maybe the toothpaste thing will fit the diaper cream. They look about the same size." Low and behold it does. So, now my toothpaste will have to be naked until I make another trip to the Dollar Tree. I love the simple things! I hope this tip makes diaper wrestling a little easier on ya!


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