Thursday, September 23, 2010

Toddler Table Saver Tip

One of my friends pre-children introduced me to a wonderful way to protect pretty tablecloths. She had a toddler at the time. If you have children you know that you can't use a pretty tablecloth because it will be destroyed after one meal. For a while my table went bare because it was easier. Now I have a wonderful table saver that my friend had. It's just clear plastic that you can purchase in different thickness in your local fabric department. I chose the medium thickness for durability. The one drawback is if your plate or bowl is really hot it will stick to the plastic a little. One tip is not to buy the premade ones that are in the tablecloth aisle. They are like $6. I got mine for $2. It was a much better deal. They do last quite a while. Now, I can dress up my table anytime and not worry. Here is my pretty little table all dressed up for fall:
I added fabric leaves under the plastic cover that I bought for $1 at the Dollar Tree. So fun!

I know these are blue. They may get a coat of paint to help them blend. These table holder clips are awesome! My lil man figured out that if he pulled on the tablecloth he could reach things on the table. Big messes for mommy. Thank goodness for these little lifesavers! Now every momma can have a pretty table even with a toddler!


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