Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Homemade Baby Wipes Update

So, the baby wipes were an epic FAIL! There are 2 reasons for this;

1. The paper towels were junk. I should have used Bounty or Viva. They just fell apart when I pulled them out of the container and were not strong enough to clean a dirty bum. It just made a bigger mess.

2. I made them on the 25th of October and they molded on the 1st of November. That only gives you a one week window of use. We don't use wipes that fast so, this is not cost effective for us at all.

It's a great idea but if you don't use tons of wipes it really isn't worth it. I didn't even use half of the wipes. So, for now we will stick to our Up and Up Hypoallergenic wipes from Target.

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