Monday, January 2, 2012

1st Shopping Trip of 2012

It's 2012! I thought I would start things off right by actually blogging about my first trip of the new year. This girl has got to get better at this. I haven't blogged since the beginning of November. We are still enjoying family time so we went grocery shopping, out to eat, and then to see Alvin and the Chipmunks Chipwrecked. We went to County Market, CVS, Walgreens, and Staples. Here's how we did;
County Market: Oh how I love the Penny Pinchers and then I'm almost giddy when I have a Manufacturer Coupon to pair with it!
Bob Evan's Sausage (2) x $1.99= $3.98- $0.55MC-$0.35MC= $3.08 or $1.54/lb
Tomato Juice (2) x $0.88= $1.76 
Westpac Veggies (3) x $0.77-$0.35MC= $1.96 or $0.65 per bag
Red Gold Tomato Sauce (5) for $1.00
Yotastic Yogurt (4) x $0.25= $1.00
Total Spent with tax: $8.90 Total Saved: $12.94 or 60%

I did 4 transactions and had the most pleasant cashier ever!! I love nice people!
1. Lichi Probiotic $9.99 get $9.99 RR back= FREE
Total $10.09 Savings: $13.00 got my $10RR

2. General Mills Cheerios 4/$10 - $2MC= 4/$8  get $3RR back
eos Lip Balm $2.99 get $2RR back
Used my $10RR from #1
Total: $1.29  Savings: $21.66 got $5RR back

3. Head and Shoulders 2/$9- $2MC  get $2RR back
filler: chocolate Santa $0.25
Used $2RR (made a rookie mistake and forgot about my other $3RR)
Total: $5.87 Savings: $7.32  got $2RR

4. Vick's DayQuil $5.99-$1MC
filler: chocolate Santa $0.25
Used $2RR
Total: $3.32  Savings: $6.34

Overall Total: $20.57  Total Savings: $48.32 or 58%
I have $3RR for my next trip. Still kicking myself for not using it this time.

Puffs (3) x $0.99-$0.25 = $2.72
Dawn Dishsoap (2) x $0.99- $0.25MC-$0.50MC= $1.23
Used my $2 ECBs from my last trip
Total Spent: $2.28 Total Saved: $7.00 or 78%

If you are a coupon printer then this is a deal for you!
Hammermill Copy Paper 500ct $5.99 get a $4.99 Easy Rebate
This makes the paper $1.00!!!
At the register you will pay $6.39 with tax
Then your rebate paperwork will print and all you have to do is fill it out and send it by mail or online. Your check will come in a few weeks and you don't have to use it at the store. They literally give you your money back. You couldn't ask for a better deal!

It was a great shopping day and I couldn't have asked for better helpers. If you are looking for a good family movie Chipwrecked was really cute!

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