Thursday, May 19, 2011

Walgreens, Target

This week by far has been the most frustrating week I have ever had with couponing!!! Let me explain. My plan for Walgreens was A+ worthy until I went to the blasted store! Monday we had to take my car to the shop in a different town so, I decided to hit up their Walgreens and CVS. CVS was good. I spent $25 and got $10 back in ECB. Then, on to Walgreens. I looked everywhere for their Zest body wash. They didn't carry it at all. So, I'm a little confused as to why it's advertised but they don't even carry it on a normal basis? So, I found everything else. I got to the register and did Transaction #1. I was suppose to get $3RR back and I didn't. When I asked she said, "Oh, well it's not working." So, I lost $3!!!! I was so mad. I didn't buy anything else and we left. Then, on Wednesday I ended up going to 4 Walgreens to find the items I needed! Talk about ridiculous. Then, they have the nerve to limit the transactions to 2 even if you go to the back of the line and there's nobody there! My husband had to go in and finish getting the stuff I needed because they refused to check me out when there were no other customers! Awful, Awful, Awful!!!
Transactions: (I did not do all of these in one day.)

1. Dove Men's Deodorant $3.99 - $1MC
Aquafresh Training Toothpaste $1.99 - $0.75MC
Hyponex Potting soil $0.99 x2
Gain Dishwashing Detergent $0.99 - $1.00MC
I paid: $5.80 and was suppose to get $3RR
Saved: $9.05

2. 4 Reach Toothbrushes at $0.99 - $4MC (They would only take $2MC though)
I paid: $2.06  and received $4RR so a moneymaker of $1.94
Saved: $4.65

3. 2 Zest Bodywashes + 1 Gillette Bodywash 3/$10 - $4MC - $4RR
M&Ms $0.39
I paid: $3.30  and received $3RR
Saved: $10.97

4. 2 Pantene 2 in 1  2/$7 -$3MC - $3RR
M&Ms $0.39
I paid: $2.04 and received $1RR
Saved: $9.48

5. 2 Zest Bodywashes + 1 Gillette Bodywash - $4MC - $1RR
M&Ms $0.39
I paid $6.30 and received $3RR
Saved: $7.97
Bonus: The Zest were 2 packs on sale so I ended up with 4 in this transaction!

6. 2 Pantene 2 in 1  2/$7 - $3MC - $3RR
M&Ms $0.39
I paid: $1.61 and received $1RR
Saved: $8.98
                                             7. Dove Men's Deodorant $3.99 - $1MC - $1RR
Pepsi 2L $0.99
I paid $3.42 and received $3RR
Saved: $3.90

Total Spent: $24.53 (Should have been $3 less)
Would have spent: $79.53 

Sally Hansen Nail Polish on sale for $2.04x2 - $2SC - $2MC = $0.26!!!! for 2
The cashier was even impressed!
I saved $4.00!

Other exciting finds this week:

Olive Oil on sale for $3.99 - $1MC
Neutragena Sunscreen buy 2 get $10 ECB. My son and I have sensitive skin so they were $12.49 per bottle.
I paid: $25.70 and received $10ECB
Saved: $9.50

Kool-Aid 10/$1 - $1MC = FREE!!
Large Eggs $0.99 dozen. I bought 4!
Lettuce $0.69
Vidalia Onions $0.69/lb
Paid: $5.71 Saved: $5.34

What good deals did you get this week? I hope you had an easier time than me!!

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