Sunday, January 30, 2011

Price Book

Since studying cutting our grocery bills I've learned about making a price book. The store that we shop at the most is Aldis. So, I started there. I use a 4x6 spiral bound note cards. I divided it into categories; dairy, meat, grains, baking, snacks, hygiene, household. I wrote down the item, its size, price, and then figure the unit price. It is a great way to tell if something is really a good deal or not. Plus, it fits right in my purse so, I can take it anywhere. It sounds time consuming but, it's easier to do in small pieces and totally worth it to help you save even more. Here's an example of my price book:

Item:                       Size:           Price:        Unit Price: (to figure unit price divide the price by the size)
Sausage               16oz (1lb)     $1.99     $0.12 per ounce
Lunch Meat         9oz (1/2lb)     $2.49    $0.28 per ounce  or $4.98/lb - This is a ridiculous price!! You would be better off buying chicken breast on sale for $1.79/lb and slicing it yourself for sandwiches. I can't believe how much money I've been wasting all this time. I hope this inspires you to make your own price book to start saving!

Happy Saving!

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