Monday, January 31, 2011

Shopping Results

Lil man and I were up bright and early this morning to go on our shopping adventure. Here's how we did.

First stop was Wal-Mart. They didn't have the garden pasta but they had marked down the same brand to $1.08. I had 4 coupons to get $1.00 off of 2 boxes. I bought 8 boxes at $0.58 per box! We have pasta coming out our ears! They also had marked down Rotel diced tomatoes to $0.88 and I had 2 coupons for $0.30 off of 1 can which made them $0.58 per can. I bought 2. I also bought the All You mag which has $70+ worth of coupons in it. It was 2.49. I also bought some chili seasoning at $1.08. We are having friends over so I bought 2 liters of soda for $1.00 a piece. Bananas were $0.47/lb. Lil man would starve without them! Grand total spent $13.88.  Cost without coupons $18.48

Second stop Meijer.
Chicken breast at $1.79lb  $8.43

Apples at $0.99/lb   $3.69

Sweet Baby Rays  $0.99 from $1.50 x3= $2.97

Chi Chi Salsa 2 at $0.99 for $1.98 (It would have been 4.98) plus I had a coupon which knocked it down to: $0.98 for 2!

Imperial Stick butter 2/$1. I bought 8. Cost of $4.00 from $6.00

Johnsonville brats 2/$6 from $4.99. I had 2 coupons which dropped it to $4.00 for 2 packages or $2.00 per package

Popcorn- buy 1 get 1 free. I bought 4 boxes plus had (2) $1.00 off 2 boxes coupons. 4 boxes would have cost  $5.98. I got all 4 boxes for $3.98 or $0.99 per box.

The only thing on my list that I didn't get there was their spiral sliced ham for $1.29/lb. It was already gone!

I spent $29.28.  I would have spent: $52.37!  I saved $23.09 by using coupons and buying sale items.

I went to CVS next but was extremely disappointed. They didn't have any of the items that I needed so I left.

Next, County Market:
Brooks Chili beans 5/$4  ($1.19 per can regularly)

Tomato Juice $0.88 x 4  ($1.39 regularly)

Applesauce  $0.99 x2  ($1.49 regularly)

Bags of cereal $0.99 x4  ($1.69 per bag regularly)

Oranges 4lb for $1.99 ($3.99 regularly)

Westpac frozen green beans $0.99 x3  ($1.79 per bag regularly)

I ended up buying a dozen eggs $1.49 and a gallon of milk $2.49 there too instead of going all the way out to Aldi.

Total spent: $23.58. Would have spent: $35.32. Savings of: $11.74 or 33%.

M&Ms 2/$4 plus $1.50 coupon. $2.50 for 2 or $1.25 per bag
Jello pudding $0.59 per box and coupon for $0.55 off of 3. I bought 3 boxes for $1.22 or $0.41 per box
I did not purchase the Zyrtec

Total spent: $4.13. Would have spent: $8.90  Total savings: $4.77

Rural King
Pringles Super Stacks 4/$5 plus (2) $1.00 off coupons. I bought 4 for $3.00 or $0.75 per stack

Total spent: $3.05  Would have spent: $5.05  Total savings: $2.00

Miracle Whip $1.99 with coupon
Ground Chuck $1.89/lb $6.24
Pepperoni 2/$5 x4 plus (2) coupons for $1.00 off 2. I got 4 for $8 or $2 per package

Total spent: $16.42  Would have spent:  way more!

I know this looks like a lot of stores but where I shop the stores are all close to each other. I also do it all in one day and I usually don't shop like this every week. By doing it this way I spent: $90.34! Compared to: $120.12 plus what I would have spent at IGA. I budget $100 every 2 weeks towards food and I still have $10 left! For our family it's totally worth it to do this. It was quite an adventure to put the groceries away today. My little pantry is bulging at the seams with no room to spare! I actually had to start another shelf for food in my utility room! I am so greatful to be learning how to save our family's food budget. It has truly been a blessing!

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