Sunday, January 30, 2011

This Week's Grocery List

Studying the ads, cutting and organizing coupons definitely takes time but, I hope I will be saving some $ this week. I'm ready to stock up before the bad weather strikes again! So, here's a look at my grocery list for this week:

Garden Delight Pasta (12 oz) $1.18-$1.00C= $0.18 per box.
All You Magazine

Chicken Breast $1.79/lb              
Apples $0.99/lb
Johnsonville Brats 2/$6- $0.55C x2= $4.90
Spiral Sliced Half Ham $1.29/lb
Imperial Stick Butter 2/$1                             ($0.69 at Aldi)
Sweet Baby Ray's BBQ Sauce  $0.99
Chi Chi Salsa $0.99-$0.50C=$0.49
Orville Redenbacher Popcorn bogo free- $1.00C

Deans Milk  $1.49 half gallon x3 - $1.00C= $3.47         ($2.29 gallon Aldis)
Eggs $0.99              ($1.19 at Aldis)
Hershey's Drops $0.99 - bogo free C

County Market
Tomato Juice  $0.88-  This is the lowest I've ever seen it. It's usually $0.99 on sale and $1.19 regularly
Oranges 4lb for $1.99
Brooks Chili Beans 5/$4
Applesauce $0.99
Westpac Green Beans $0.99      ($1.49 at Aldis)

M&Ms 2/$5- $1 in store C- $1.50 C= $2.50
Jello Pudding $0.59 x3 - $0.55C= $1.22
Zyrtec $5 off in store coupon and $6 off 2

Rural King
Pringles Super Stack 4/$5 - $2C= $3

Miracle Whip $1.99 with coupon
Ground Chuck $1.89lb

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