Monday, August 15, 2011

8/15 Shopping

Cantaloupe $0.99
Peaches $0.29each x 4
Plums $0.29each x 3
Bananas $0.43/lb x 2.23lbs
Strawberries $0.99/lb x 2
Red Grapes 2lbs $1.98
Iceberg Lettuce $0.99
Applesauce $1.29
Ground Turkey $1.49/lb x 2
Total Spent: $13.33

#1: Pampers Cruisers $19.99 get $3ECBS plus I had a $2.50 MC
The Magic Coupon Machine game me 2 awesome coupons; Free CVS Brand Fabric Bandages and a Free Hershey's Bar! Obviously, the chocolate didn't make it home. Honestly, it almost didn't make it to the car!
Total 1: $19.62 Savings of: $11.28 Plus got my $3 ECBS

#2 Dean's Milk $3.19 per gallon. CVS allows ECBs to be used on dairy!
Total: $0.22 plus I got $1 ECB!!

Sweet Corn 4/$1
Oral B Stages $1.89 - $0.50MC
Oral B Toothbrush $1.89 - $0.50
Total $4.12

Blue Rhino Propane Tank. If you exchange your old tank it is $18.99 then there is a $3 mail-in-rebate  making it $15.99. Not a bad deal.
Total with tax: $20.65

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