Thursday, August 4, 2011

IGA Meat Sale

I have slowly worked myself into freezer cooking. I started out with little things like chopped onions and peppers. Now, I'm doing main courses. Yesterday, lil man and I went to IGA. This is his fav place to shop because he gets to drive the car at the front of the cart plus, the cashiers always give him a sucker. They were having their family pack meat sale. This is my fav sale! Here's a run down of what I bought;

Hamburger 8lbs- It was on sale for $2.49/lb but, I got there early and got the reduced price meat for $1.99/lb = $15.52

Pork Blade Steaks - $3.76

Beef Chuck Pot Roast (2)- $8.48

Pork Boneless Ribs- $8.26

Pillsbury Biscuits 10/$10- I bought 6 and used 2 $0.30MCs, making them $0.90 per tube

Parkay Stick Margarine 10/$10- I bought 2 and used a $1.00MC, making them $0.50 each

Hamburger Helper 10/$10- I bought 8 and used 2 $0.80 off 4 MCs, making them $0.80 per box
I haven't bought Hamburger Helper in a long time but my husband likes to make it when he cooks so, if I get a night off of cooking I won't complain!

I spent a total of $47.32    According to the receipt I saved $17.90 or 27%. But, they didn't include the sale meat into that so, I saved more than that!

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