Thursday, August 4, 2011

Freezer Cooking Day

After I lugged all the meat into the house I got busy! Lil man thought it was a holiday because I let him watch movies to keep him entertained while I was in the kitchen.

The Pork Blade Steaks were seperated into 2 freezer bags, labeled, and dated. There were 4 huge steaks in the package and that will easily make 2 meals for our family.

I did the same thing with the Pork ribs.

There were 2 Pot Roasts in the package so one was placed in the freezer while the other one was thrown into the crock pot. Might as well conquer dinner now. I cut up 3 potatoes and dumped in some carrots too and "POOF" dinner is done!!

Now the 8lbs of hamburger. Out of it I made;
1 Meatloaf
12 extra large meatballs
4 hamburger patties
6 Enchiladas
1 Lasagna
1lb cooked taco meat
2 (1lb) bags of unseasoned cooked hamburger (to be used for spaghetti, chili, sloppy joes, etc.)

Extra Large Meatballs



Pot Roast

My Freezer. We have a chest freezer in the garage too.

From all of the meat we will get a total of 13 meals, plus leftovers. The total of the meat alone was $36.02. When you divide that by 13 it comes out to $2.77 per main course. When you divide that by the total number of people you are feeding it becomes even smaller! In our family that's 3, which makes it $0.92 per person! On top of the money it saves it also saves me TIME! The most dreaded question of my day is, "What's for dinner?" Now we just have to pull something out and pop it into the oven. No prep work involved and minimal dishes!  You might say this is time consuming but, it really wasn't. I started at 9am and had prepared everything, stuck it in the freezer, and did all the kitchen clean up by 12pm. Plus, there were many interruptions and also lunch during this time. Don't get me wrong I was really tired after and took a nap when my son took his. Later that night I froze 1 quart of corn and 3 quarts of green beans from our garden. Then, I made homemade blueberry ice cream. This is not a normal cooking day for me. I hope this encourages you in your efforts to freezer cook.

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