Friday, April 15, 2011

Baby Steps to Using Your Freezer

Along with the crock pot the freezer has become my BFF! I really like the kitchenstewardship website. It is where I've gotten a lot of my from scratch recipe. I love how she explains things so simply. If I can do this anyone can. When learning how to best utilize my freezer I found this really helpful article. Please check it out:

Things you'll find in my freezer:

Chopped onions - This saves soooo much time when cooking and I only cry once instead of everytime I need onion. A bag of onions on sale would go bad in our house if it wasn't for the freezer.

Chopped assorted peppers

Fruit- grapes

Pancakes- take them out pop them in the toaster or microwave for a really fast breakfast

Meat- I buy in bulk. I'll divide up the hamburger into 1 lb chunks. Out of 1lb I'll make up a meatloaf and freeze it.  Another pound will become meatballs. I also like to just fry some up in a skillet plain to use later for sloppy joes, tacos, spaghetti sauce, etc.
Chicken- I love to buy the big packs of chicken and cook them all day on low in the crock pot. I create different dishes with it to freeze too.
Bacon, pepperoni,  and other meats

Bread- for seasoned bread crumbs and homemade stuffing.

Pie Crusts, Pizza dough, Cookie Dough

Cheese- sliced and shredded

Frozen juices- way cheaper than premade and you can make them go farther by adding some extra water.

Homemade Freezer Jams

There's a lot more too. Take a stroll down your freezer aisle and look at all the foods that you can create at home for a fraction of the price. They will be better for you too. No additives and preservatives. Start out by making double batches of what you are making for dinner or dessert. Eat one and freeze one for later. I still haven't gotten to where I can take a whole day to freezer cook for a week or month. My busy lil man kind of prevents it.

Another good source is the site Simple Organized Living
This post will even give you printables about how to store things in your freezer. It is super helpful!

Just like with everything else start with one thing. I chose onions and as I got comfortable with that I gradually added in more things. It is overwhelming to expect yourself to take on a whole new lifestyle all at once. Just take it one thing at a time and before you know it you will be where you want to be.

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