Monday, April 18, 2011


I am a firm believer that the Lord provides the things that we need. We recently had to buy 4 new tires for my husband's vehicle. No choice in the matter. The thing is we only had half the money in the budget for this almost $500 expense. We decided to have a garage sale during the all-town garage sales. What you need to know is we live on a very small dead end street that no one in town has ever heard of. Last year our garage sale was a total bust so, I was very doubtful about this one. I bought the brightest, most obnoxious colored signs so we'd stand out and people could find us. On the morning of the garage sale it had rained and poured buckets all night and into the morning. We debated postponing thinking no one would come. Plus all of our signs were ruined. We decided to go ahead and try to have the sale anyway. I quickly made new signs and this time laminated them. My husband went and hung them. At first it was really, really slow but, the rain stopped and the sun came out. Then, lots of people came. In the 4 hours that we were open we made enough to cover the cost of my husband's tires. I know that it was through, faith, prayer, and paying an honest tithe that we were able to make the money we needed.

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